So heres the news that you guys may not want to hear.
First i want to say how happy i am that so many of you follow my blog but we had a good run with P-Cotton
but i'm a bit tired of it at the moment. Much of my time and energy is aimed towards another project im working
on. It's a collaboration with one of my friends and we will be having either a website or blog for it so,
i will not be gone forever! Why English? Because every thing sounds cooler and more dramatic in English...
I'm busy.

Postat av: Sofia Hjertquist

NEHEDU! Detta gillar jag inte! :( Du kan ju inte lägga ner bloggen fattar du väl?! :'( Vad ska jag då läsa dagligen?!

2012-01-18 @ 02:20:29

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